Grell_Reinhard_2013_20_200Working in TAG can be interesting and challenging. Most of our colleagues like their job. Nevertheless there are many open issues in TAG Staff Council waiting to be solved for years from which every employee would benefit!

We still have inconsistent and unpopular schemes for performance management. Profit sharing is available for a limited number of employees only. We urgently need a new company agreement including both.

Many grades of TAG-employees in the job architecture are much too low. This fact is a big handicap when applying for management jobs in the OpCos. HR does not support TAG-employees in their career planning in any way. The responsibility of HR has to be claimed strongly.

For more than two years our company does not contribute to the pension fund for new employees. The existing agreement has to be extended to our new colleagues too.

Using synergies by concentrating competences makes sense. But we have to take care that the employees in our OpCos are not played off against each other. In all our companies outsourcing is seen as an easy way to reduce cost without considering knowledge and quality loss. A group wide staff council should be established to counter such bad developments.

All these topics and some more have been discussed for years. Looking at the fact, that the other three members of the TAG Staff Council are released totally from their normal work, the results are embarrassing. TAG-employees deserve professional work with visible results!

I know this job must be done better and it can be done better!

Your employee representative in TAG
Reinhard Grell