Grell ReinhardI appreciate an activity like TAGisfaction. It is a great chance to develop our company further. But it should not be done for marketing purposes only. If our company does not change because of TAGisfaction, we should rather stop it and skip the effort.

Although it is tried to whitewash the results it´s quite obvious, that nothing has changed compared to 2012. Only the number of participants in TAG decreased significantly.

I believe one main reason is the assignment of the grades to the TAG positions in Job Architecture. The special situation of TAG has not been considered in any way. The strategic mandate of the holding is not at all reflected by the job grading. Career and recognition are still given for a lot of subordinates and big budgets only. Every change of a colleague to A1 shows this fact very clearly.

I demand that the functions in TAG get the value they deserve inside our company! To manage strategic topics across all daughter companies is much more demanding than a standard management situation. My TAG colleagues face and master this multicompany and multicultural challenge every day. This fact must be reflected in the Job Architecture. The system itself allows the mapping of holding structures easily. This scheme has to be used for TAG in future.

If our management further ignores the results of TAGisfaction in its actions every day, the outcome of the next survey will not improve and we will see less participants again. Whatever pressure the management will impose to take part in TAGisfaction will not yield anything!

Your employee representative in TAG,
Reinhard Grell