Grell ReinhardWe are negotiating quite a while about a new company agreement on performance management. I have not agreed to the proposals of our company until now together with my colleagues from the employees representation. The ideas of our management for performance management and employee profit sharing would have reduced the chance for future bonuses drastically for many colleagues.

A compromise of the employees representation has been rejected by our company although it included already very low one-time payments. I will not approve a bad solution for our colleagues just to have a company agreement. As a consequence the original individual contracts for objective agreements count. If there are any uncertainities I am glad to support.

The new performance management has been enacted in A1TA already. However I believe it has a wrong design in principle. We Christgewerkschafter accept each human as an idividual with its uniqe strengths and weaknesses. To divide employees in three groups based on a simple performance pattern violates the human dignity, in particular if this model is combined with defined minimum numbers of „non performers“ and maximum numbers of „high performers“.

Such a building of stars based on subjective criteria poisons every real team! A fair and esteeming performance evaluation must consider all aspects of an individual and refrain from a simple black-and-white thinking.

Your employee representative in TAG
Reinhard Grell