Grell_Reinhard_2013_20_200With Dipl. Ing. Günther Ottendorfer joining TAG soon, we will get a fully-fledged CTO. I believe this appointment makes sense because it will enhance and strengthen TAG. Too many group functions have been moved to A1 based on the synergy argument. Until now this development has been a one way track only. Clearly recognizable group functions e.g. Wholesale are not moved to TAG and remain locally within A1!

I do demand the competence and clear will of Mr. Ottendorfer to shape the group. This would increase the value of TAG. Too long we were content to just administrate and consult the OpCos! The new CTO must be strong enough to make clear and trend-setting decisions and to enforce central structures where useful. Much too often the local profit & loss responsibility has been used as an excuse for expensive uncontrolled growth of the technical landscape. The local management always has to fulfill the general requirements of the group management. This works fine for the financial figures. Why shouldn´t it be possible for the technical requirements?

Besides this the new CTO is part of the local management here in Vienna too. In this role he should ensure that results instead of Powerpoints count for the carreer in TAG in the future.

Your employee representative in TAG
Reinhard Grell